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Work History

Objective: Character, environmental design, logos and computer graphics for multi-media.

College of the Canyons, Art, and Computer applications, Santa Clarita, CA.
Regional Occupational Program (Honor Roll), Graphic Design, Camarillo, CA.
Ventura College, Art Major
Graduate USAF Fire Fighting Program (Honor Roll Student) Chanute AFB, Champagne, IL.
Graduate, Buena High School, Ventura CA.

Professional Employment History

Freelance Artist August 1998- present
Graphic design, computer coloring

Black 29
Illustrating and digitally rendering designs for stickers, T-shirts, and skateboard decks.

Fathead Films Inc. October 1999- present
Assistant Art Director, Production Artist, Graphic Designer
Assistant Art Director
Making decisions regarding direction of clothing line, advertising and catalog concepts.
Production Artist
Taking illustrations from artists and doing touch up work and file prepping for silk screening, or printing. Designing and assembling a product catalog.
Graphic designer
Illustrating T-shirt and sticker designs, loose story boards for independent film projects.

Applause Inc. August 1998- March 2001
Product Designer
Duties include creating concepts for new products for licenses, such as Warner Bros., Disney, Star Wars, Childrens Television Workshop, Jim Henson Studios. Creating innovative concept art for product to be shown in presentation. Working with creative managers and engineers revising concepts to work with costing constraints, safety regulations, and licensors comments. Working through project to final mechanical art stage.

Sound Source Interactive August 1997- August 1998 Art Designer, Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, story boarding, Computer Game Level designer, Game Level building in 3-D environments
Art Designer
Designing and illustrating characters, environments, and objects for 3-d computer video games.
Computer Graphics and Computer Animation
Taking illustrations and using Photoshop to render, create animations, create texture maps for CG characters, animations, and format artwork for the video game engine.
Story boarding
Illustrating environments from written scripts.
Level Builder / Game level Set Designer
Using a 3-D game engine to construct a three dimensional environment for computer video games. Then taking the art and animation and placing it in the environment as set design, to give the impression of a simulated environment.

Freelance Artist September 1996 to August 1997 Color Designer, Computer Colorist, Computer Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration, Small Press Comic Zine
Color Designer and Computer Colorist
Designing and coloring the color scheme to set the mood, energy, emotion, for video game magazine covers, comic book covers, posters, pin-ups, interior pages for the comic books, and story board panels for a TV movie. Utilizing Adobe Photoshop 4.0, and Conversions Plus to work between a Macintosh and a PC. Some of the Companies worked with, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Los Angeles School District, Verotik (Danzig), Game Fan, and Capcom
Compute Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration
Using both traditional drawing methods and the computer to design and create graphics, logo designs, and business cards.

Malibu Comics / Marvel Entertainment Group Inc May 1993 to September 1996
Color Designer, Computer Graphics, Character Design, and Computer Colorist
Color Design
Design consisting of color development including story, energy, mood and emotion by use of color. Lighting effects, character rendering and background design achieved through conventional artistic medium including markers, inks, pencils, and multiple painting applications.
Computer Graphics and Computer Colorist
Utilization of Adobe Photoshop 3.0 to color separate interior comic book pages, pin-ups, ads, and covers for all Marvel and Malibu monthly publications.
Character Designer
Illustrating conceptual new characters for new comic book story lines.

United States Air Force November 1988 - March 1990 (Honorable Discharge), Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.
Crash and Structural Fire Fighting

Special skills
Adobe Streamline 5.0
Macromedia Flash 5.0
Adobe Premiere 6.0
Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Illustrator 8
Fractal Painter 5.0
Fine Art Print making
Woodcut Printing
Dry point Printing
Mono Prints
Colograph Printing

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