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This is a display of my hand pulled original prints
This section will include Dry point etchings, and Woodcuts.

This is a Dry point etching.
This image is from a photograph i took at Herst Castle.

Artist: Scott Cattanach Copyright 2001
In the last year i have started taking college classes in print making under the instruction of Jim Lorigan. The class Tackles a wide variety of hand pulled print techniques covering mono prints, colograph prints, woodcuts, dry point etchings, soft ground prints and hard ground prints. The Techniques I have obtained from the class has expanded my art in directions i have never explored before.

Reduction Color Woodcut
This print was taken from a photograph I took at Surfers Point in Ventura Ca. near the Hobo Jungle side (other side of the train bridge). I grew up in Ventura and spent many years surfing this beach.

One Color Woodcut
This is from a photograph i took in Cambria Ca. of a stone face statue in a wooden eve.