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The Coffee Bean
This illustration was done for a final in a Applied Color for Designers class. The project requiered us to design a store front and a company logo with a menu, etc...
The Coffee Bean
This is the inside of the Coffee Bean looking back at the front door.
The Coffee Bean
This illustration is on the first floor right as you come in the establishment looking at the counter. the majority of the furniture was left out of this shot to show the over all room and asthetics of the coffee house.
The Coffee Bean
This illustration is on the second floor looking down at the front door and out the front window. all illustrations were hand drawn and colored in Adobe Photoshop 5.0
College Campus
This illustration was done as a pencil test for a video game job. It is a ficticous college campus.
Power Core
This illustration was also part of the game pencil test. Reqirement for the illustration was a nucler power core.
Perspective illustration depiction a genetic lab gone wrong. Pencil.