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This page is a continuation of the Fine Arts catagory.

Techno Organic Abstract 1

The next three pieces are from a series of Techno Organic Abstracts i created. The medium used on these three is non repo blue pencil and markers.

Tecno Organic Abstract 2
Playing with the organic feel of curves and the mechanical feel of hard angels combined with the warm and cool colors this piece slighly resembles some furturistic computer display over some land mass map.
Techno Organic Abstract 3
The next 3 images explore my interists into pop art. This piece is acrylic on canvas with deco paint pen.
Gamehead explores the explosion of the video game culture in a generation of electronic stimuli. Acrylic on canvas with deco paint pen.
Masked Wrestler
Character art emboding the media splash of the human wrecking ball. Gesso on wood with deco paint pen.
Mono Print 1
This print was done using a live model. in a series of three. Only two will be displayed.
Mono Print 2
Female nude pose from live model.
Colograph Print
One in a series of colograph prints. Again revisiting the Techno Organic concept.
Morro Bay Rock
This print was a linoleom cut on oriental sumi paper. One color. The image is taken from a photograph i took from a campground in Morro Bay By the Natural History Museum.
Lost In Life Somewhere The Road Just Disapeared
Woodcut. Illustration was done with my left hand. Seeing as how i draw with my right hand. It has been a style i have been practicing. but the look is to be rough and primitive. a inspiraion from Jean Micheal Basquait. And drawing with my left hand is the only way i could obtain a primitive look.
Bleach Martini
Linolem cut, illustrtaion done with left hand. Taken from a left handed sketchbook i have in progress. Printed on oriental sumi paper.
Tribal Banner 1
Acrylic on unstretched canvas, piece is 2 ft. x 5 ft.
Tribal Banner 2
Piece is acrylic on unstretched canvas and is 2 ft. x 5 ft.